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How To Look For That Perfect Home

Just started looking? First time buyer or maybe someone for whom this whole experience is a little daunting.

At James Alexander, we understand what a tough time this is. We hope that with a few pointers we can help you along the way to making the best decisions for you and indeed your family.

If this is the first stage in your property hunt then you should consider contacting us so that we may put you in touch with an appropriate financial adviser. They will be happy to assist you in finding the right mortgage product for you and helping you to cut through the sometimes very confusing language that is used. At James Alexander we always advise that this discussion takes place at an early stage either with our recommended advisers or indeed your own. After all, you wouldn't go to the supermarket without knowing exactly what money you have to spend. The same is true for mortgages and therefore to be aware of what the finance and associated costs will be before you look is ideal. Imagine looking at a place and knowing this will cost exactly x per month.

The web has many search engines that may assist in your hunt including ours. If you like the look of a house and it is within a reasonable distance then why not take a drive by, get a feel or indeed set up a viewing.

We can assist you much more when you have viewed properties through us and if not right, asking you what is wrong to help us hone down the search to the perfect home for you.

How To Search

Knowing your options once you have received financial advice is also useful. If you are not finding what you want in the price range and area that you have set you always have three choices:

1: More money - Not an option for many but you will find by adjusting the price, other options come into view. 

2: Other areas - Broadening your search to areas outside of your first choice can often help greatly; try doing the same property search within 2 miles of your first choice area can often lead to surprising results. 

3: Lower your sights - Does it really need to be detached? Wouldn't a semi be ok? What about garden size or garage? For most buyers some things are essential but in the end most of us end up compromising in some way.

When you have viewed a property through us you will receive a call from our staff asking how the property compared with others that you have seen. 
This is so that we can better understand your needs and figure out if we have any others if the one you have seen is not for you.

Finally, try and look on the good side of house hunting. Yes this is a serious financial decision, but it is not life or death for most of us so try and enjoy the hunt, after all it is probably an experience you will get only a few times in your life. 

At James Alexander, we hope we can help put the fun back in to the hunt for you. 

If you are buying or indeed selling in the local area of Norbury, Upper Norwood, Streatham, Thornton Heath or Mitcham, WE NEED TO TALK!  

Call us on 020 8679 8601 or email enquiries@jamesalexander.com.

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