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James Alexander

The Process Of Selling Your House

  1. Get a Free No Obligation Valuation by emailing or calling us – it is commonly advisable to obtain more than one opinion prior to marketing so don’t just use us! Get another opinion and then decide – after all this is a big decision. We hope that you will make the right choice for you and your home.
  2. Having chosen us (hopefully!), as your agent we will then make a further appointment to photograph, get a floor plan and measure up the property for sale. This takes at least an hour as we are always keen to get the best possible photographs and we use high quality equipment to ensure that your home looks better than any of its competitors on the web.
  3. We will then extensively advertise in local media; this includes the major portals Rightmove, PrimeLocation and Zoopla as well as jamesalexander.com giving you 24 hours a day 7 days a week selling coverage. As well as telephoning all applicants looking to buy in and around Norbury, we will send out text messages, emails and even twitter feeds to help kick start the marketing campaign in all directions.
  4. We will accompany all viewers at your convenience or directly send them if you prefer, at times suitable for you. We will then provide you with feedback about what they thought, so that you know as well as us how the marketing is progressing.
  5. Once offers are received they are thoroughly vetted we will call and write to you, advising you of what the offers are. It is always your choice to either accept or to continue marketing – we want you to be entirely satisfied that your home has been marketed fully before you make this decision.
  6. We will liaise with solicitors and keep you advised of how the sale is progressing.
  7. You have sold your home! Usually exchange of contracts will take place, which will give you on average two weeks before the final move happens. Both James Alexander and your solicitor will ensure that the sale as well as any ongoing purchase is synchronised so that you sell and buy simultaneously if this is your wish.
  8. Finally, we never forget that as good as technology can be, if you are selling a home there is no substitute for good old fashioned hard work and customer service. We promise that we will give both. 
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